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Burns Funding has tens-of-thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners get access to the funds

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Ray Maniaci

"This capital raised through Burns Funding’s program will be instrumental in helping us achieve our business objectives. We finally have what we need to fully realize my dream as an entrepreneur."


Kim Andreello

"I value Peter on many levels. He is a true blood entrepreneur with a sharp instinct for business opportunities. His visionary abilities to recognize market trends at an early stage impress me every time we speak. In my capacity as VP of business development at Allicance, I had the pleasure to work with Peter to launch a unique booking platform offering luxury villas, apartments and hotels."

Peter Burns III is a RENAISSANCE entrepreneur, succeeding for decades with a Midas touch, traversing numerous adventures in business, always fueling his mission to mentor others and fund great businesses. Anyone who knows him or visits his web site will instantly see that he is one of the nation's greatest business minds. Take just one example: His career in entrepreneurship began with his business plan developed in a fourth-year entrepreneurship class at the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce, opening up Nantucket Moped. In a 20-year span, Burns created the largest recreational rental chain in the world, eventually opening more than 100 locations around the U.S. and the Caribbean.
Glenn Plaskin
Bestselling Ghostwriter/Author
I recently had the pleasure of working with a montage lender, Lisa who went above and beyond with our transactions . As a Realtor , my ultimate goal is to have a team of professionals who has a genuine care for my clients and Lisa has shown that attribute . Her willingness to hand-hold clients truly sets her apart. She was there for me, providing constant updates and offering reassurance whenever I or my clients needed it. Her expertise and knowledge in the lending industry are evident. Overall, my experience with Lisa and her company was exceptional . I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of a reliable and supportive lender.
Christina W.
I reached out to Peter and his team at Burn$ Funding to receive a free consultation in hopes of receiving funding to start my own small business. I was initially hesitant that my credit score would prevent me from being lent the money I needed to get my business up and running. After the consultation, Burn$ Funding and their team of lenders got started immediately and began working on a credit repair for me. I ended up receiving more money than I asked for which was more than enough to get me started. I don't know how they do it, but I am so grateful because now I can proudly call myself a small business owner!
Rose H.
Mr Peter Burns has been a valued client, and our professional relationship has evolved into a mutually respectful friendship. He was interested in exploring the possibility of furthering our partnership, by providing financial resources to assist in the expansion of my fleet. I believe our shared experience as veterans enabled us to collaborate effectively in business, and I am enthusiastic about other potential opportunities that may arise from our association.
Benjamin Lo
Bachlor of Business Admnistration
I love working with Steve and his staff and I will recommend the team to any of my friends who would like to purchase their house. Steve was very informative and kept us up to date along every step of the process. His staff are professional, proactive and most of all trustworthy. We have used Burns Financial for the last 6 years and will continue to use them for all of future endeavors. Thanks!
Mary K.
Wow, this was amazing! Ever since I was approved for funding with Peter Burns, my life has changed dramatically. Peter took the time to listen to my story and heard exactly what I was needing. His mission is based on compassion with a motivation to try and better humanity and support aspiring entrepreneurs so that they can get the money they need to expand their business. Burns Funding offers stellar customer service, great communication, and responsiveness.
lyndsey K
I have worked with Peter on several business projects, including this entrepreneur card. Peter has an infectious way of creating great business projects. I know with out doubt, that several of his current projects are going to be ultra successful. The travel coin, coupled with corporate barter projects and this entrepreneur card are definite winners. Please feel free to contact me for any other information.
Frank Clear
CEO at Bold Barter
In terms of knowledge and integrity, we have found Burns Financial to be exceptional. Both Lisa and Steve understand all the ins and outs of securing the best mortgage rates for the clients. Benchmark their clients recommendations. Both my wife and I think that the best in San Diego.
Charlie F.
Burn$ Funding helped me make major gains financially during my gap year before medical school. Peter is a well-known serial entrepreneur who has the connections and resources to launch an idea into a successful business. That being said, there is no idea too small. He was able to take a small conversation over lunch into a full-blown business in a matter of hours. If I could do it, you can too.
John Doe

Grace Armstrong

"I needed funding to start my own business and couldn't get any loans from the bank. My friend told me about this opportunity. I checked it out and applied online. After getting approved, I was able to take the money and start my own music career. Being a girl who didn't have many business or funding opportunities, this has changed my life in ways didn't think were possible."


​Ingrid Vanderveldt

EBW & Vanderveldt Global Investments​
​American Business Woman and Media Personality

"Peter Burns is one of the most well-connected people I know. He has uncanny intuition around business matchmaking to create win-win relationships unlike most I have ever seen. I guarantee if there is an idea, concept, or need you have, Peter will know someone or connect you with resources to help you take that next step towards making it happen."

Aaron Mastny

Founder of New Earth YOUniversity, CEO of You Realty LLC, VP of Sales at Live Ultimate

​“I recently had the pleasure of working with Peter and Burns Funding on a revolutionary way to bring a brand-new type of sustainable, tech health home to market. Because of Peter’s creative financing background, we now have the ability to launch a project that could transform the housing industry.”

Madi Pokorny

Business Development Representative, 42Crunch

​“Peter introduced us to many awesome individuals who will be of great help to the expansion and growth of our consultancy. We have plans for several businesses being backed by Peter and the Millennial Queen Foundation and are excited to see them quickly pan out. We are delighted to be apart of this foundation, and will be paying it forward to the many young women who follow suit.”

Sarah Gallo

"Peter entered my life quite unexpectedly here, and I'm sure glad he did! I'd just decided to take my presence on this platform more seriously when a message from Peter landed in my inbox. Within 5 minutes, he and I were on a call and I knew right then and there that there was no turning back - that Peter was going to help shape me to be a profitable business owner under his guidance. He has a lifetime of entrepreneurial experiences and successes, and a willingness to help that I've never once seen in this industry."

Rose Hauser

"I am currently in the midst of finishing my BA in Portland, OR and was required by my school to complete an internship and ended up getting hired at Burns Funding financial services firm, owned by Peter Burns. I have had the pleasure of shadowing Peter and his team for the summer and have gained invaluable knowledge and experience in the world of entrepreneurship, start ups, business and marketing."

Bruce Blechman

General Partner iCFO, iCFO Capital, LLC

"Peter has been a very good friend and business colleague for many years. He has always more then delivered on any endeavor we have worked on together. I would strongly recommend his services to any entrepreneur who seeks his help."

Juli Crafton

Director of Strategic Development & Procurement, BankSupplies Inc.

​“Hard working and creative entrepreneurs have sought after Peter for many years because they were inspired by his success. His teaching and mentoring has spanned decades and his ability to connect people and their ideas is phenomenal.”

Caroline Reynolds

"It's really quite impressive. I mean we initially expected $150,000. For Burns Funding to secure another $100,000 on top of that speaks to the access they have in the lending industry."

Austin J Feldman

"While others create dreams, Peter ignites them into realities for the entrepreneur. He has truly amazing concepts that work, which in turn will benefit all. It's in everyone's best interest to cultivate a relationship with Peter for as a result it becomes a win, win. Surround yourself with winners!"

Jeff Dameron

"Peter is an exceptional entrepreneur, who really cares about people and has helped many beginning entrepreneurs to get started and become successful! He is creative, smart, and has an imagination that has resulted in creating 100's of top-notch businesses. I am enrolled in his vision of continuing to expand entrepreneurship globally!"


"Burns Funding helped me make major gains financially during my gap year before medical school. Peter is a well-known serial entrepreneur who has the connections and resources to launch an idea into a successful business. That being said, there is no idea too small. He was able to take a small conversation over lunch into a full-blown business in a matter of hours. If I could do it, you can too."

Hiba A.

"Burns Funding has given me the opportunity that has allowed me to see my business plan come to reality. I was able to have my voice and needs heard, and the Burns Funding team worked with me through my complications and made my dream possible! It has been such a wonderful experience and my success would not be where it is today without Burns Funding."

Darrell Hornbacher

"If you're searching for someone with proven knowledge and an intimate understanding of financial resources, options, and opportunities, you'll be glad you found Peter Burns. He understands the fundamentals of credit finance, and business development, and offers profound insight into the workings of our monetary system. Not only will he show you how to bring better financial choices into your life, but he'll do so in a way that brings life improvement. Peter has extensive knowledge of the business world tempered with the experience of a long and established career. The counsel, information and service he has provided has always been of the highest caliber, as is his character and personality. ​I would give Peter my highest recommendation."

Burns Funding has funded over $1.5 billion to small businesses and has been featured in many news outlets.


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