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Examples of Passive Incomes

Burns Funding is the guarantor on the loans.  We sign our name and guarantee repayment.  Although this is not your worry, we understand you may be interested in how we accomplish this.  We have several passive income businesses where we channel the funds.  We purchase these assets which in turn provide the necessary income to pay back the loans.  Below are two examples of where these funds are utilized.

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Rental Cars

Passive Income

Owning a fleet of rental cars can generate steady income streams through rental fees. Investing in cars to rent can be a smart move for several reasons. Firstly, the demand for rental cars is relatively stable, driven by various factors such as tourism, business travel, and local transportation needs. By owning a fleet of rental vehicles, investors can capitalize on this consistent demand and generate steady income through rental fees. Investing in cars to rent offers a tangible asset with reliable income potential and can be a prudent addition to an investment portfolio.


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