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Question: How does the Burns Funding method differ from traditional loan options?

  • Answer: The Burns Funding method incorporates a unique approach to loan repayment by leveraging passive income streams to repay the loan in full.

Question: What are the eligibility criteria for qualifying for funding through Burns Funding?

  • Answer: To qualify, individuals typically need a 650 FICO credit score and a minimum household income of $65,000.

Question: How much funding can I expect to receive through Burns Funding?

  • Answer: On average, partners receive between $100,000 to $250,000, depending on their specific financial circumstances and needs.

Question: How is the interest rate determined for Burns Funding loans?

  • Answer: Interest rates are determined based on an evaluation of the borrower’s qualifications and financial history.

Question: Can you explain the process of creating a secondary passive income stream to repay the loan?

  • Answer: 50% of the loan is allocated to acquire assets that generate passive income, which is then used to repay the loan over time. After the loan has been paid off, you will continue to receive 50% of the passive income.

Question: What percentage of the loan is used to create the passive income stream?

  • Answer: 50% after the initial 12% banker fees.

Question: Are there any upfront costs or fees associated with Burns Funding?

  • Answer: A 12% fee is incorporated into the loan structure.

Question: Who bears the risk associated with loan repayment?

  • Answer: Peter J. Burns III, an accredited investor, guarantees the loans and ensures repayment using the Burns Funding method.

Question: How long does it take to receive a decision on loan approval?

  • Answer: Once all necessary paperwork is submitted, clients can expect to receive a decision within a short timeframe, often in less than a day.

Question: Can you provide examples of businesses or individuals who have successfully utilized the Burns Funding method?

  • Answer: Yes, Burns Funding has a proven track record of helping numerous businesses and entrepreneurs achieve their financial goals through our unique method.

Question: What is the repayment schedule like for Burns Funding loans?

  • Answer: Repayment terms vary depending on the specific loan agreement and may be tailored to suit the borrower’s financial situation and preferences. Typically a loan is paid off in less than 3 years. 

Question: How are the passive income investments selected?

  • Answer: Passive income investments are strategically chosen based on factors such as potential returns, risk assessment, and compatibility with the borrower’s financial goals.

Question: Can I use the funds for any purpose, or are there restrictions?

  • Answer: Burns Funding loans can typically be used for various businesses loans and entrepreneurial ventures.

Question: What happens if the passive income generated is not sufficient to repay the loan?

  • Answer: Burns Funding closely monitors the performance of passive income investments and may adjust strategies as needed to ensure loan repayment.

Question: Are there any penalties for early repayment of the loan?

  • Answer: The terms of early repayment, including any associated penalties, will be outlined in the loan agreement provided to the borrower.

Question: How does Burns Funding evaluate the creditworthiness of potential borrowers?

  • Answer: Creditworthiness is assessed based on factors such as credit history, income stability, debt-to-income ratio, and overall financial health.

Question: What level of involvement can I expect from Burns Funding throughout the loan process?

  • Answer: Burns Funding provides personalized support and guidance throughout the entire loan process, from initial application to repayment.

Question: Are there any geographical restrictions on who can apply for Burns Funding loans?

  • Answer: Burns Funding operates nationwide and considers applications from businesses and individuals across the United States.

Question: Can I apply for multiple loans through Burns Funding simultaneously?

  • Answer: Yes, borrowers may apply for multiple loans simultaneously, subject to approval and qualification criteria.

Question: How can I get started with applying for funding through Burns Funding?


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Burns Funding has been designed by Peter J. Burns III for both businesses and direct consumers.

Peter is a serial entrepreneur that has been in business for nearly 5 decades and has started more than 150 businesses.

During that time, funding has always been the stumbling block for so many entrepreneurs. That’s why Peter created Burns Funding to provide financing and create resources to individuals and businesses on terms that can’t be beaten.

​Burns Funding strives to give you the American Dream at a price you can afford.


Aaron Mastny

Founder of New Earth YOUniversity, CEO of You Realty LLC, VP of Sales at Live Ultimate

​“I recently had the pleasure of working with Peter and Burns Funding on a revolutionary way to bring a brand-new type of sustainable, tech health home to market. Because of Peter’s creative financing background, we now have the ability to launch a project that could transform the housing industry.”


Madi Pokorny

Business Development Representative, 42Crunch

​“Peter introduced us to many awesome individuals who will be of great help to the expansion and growth of our consultancy. We have plans for several businesses being backed by Peter and the Millennial Queen Foundation and are excited to see them quickly pan out. We are delighted to be apart of this foundation, and will be paying it forward to the many young women who follow suit.”


Juli Crafton

Director of Strategic Development & Procurement, BankSupplies Inc.

​“Hard working and creative entrepreneurs have sought after Peter for many years because they were inspired by his success. His teaching and mentoring has spanned decades and his ability to connect people and their ideas is phenomenal.”


Bruce Blechman

General Partner iCFO, iCFO Capital, LLC

"Peter has been a very good friend and business colleague for many years. He has always more then delivered on any endeavor we have worked on together. I would strongly recommend his services to any entrepreneur who seeks his help."


Caroline Reynolds

"It's really quite impressive. I mean we initially expected $150,000. For Burns Funding to secure another $100,000 on top of that speaks to the access they have in the lending industry."


Austin J Feldman

"While others create dreams, Peter ignites them into realities for the entrepreneur. He has truly amazing concepts that work, which in turn will benefit all. It's in everyone's best interest to cultivate a relationship with Peter for as a result it becomes a win, win. Surround yourself with winners!"


Jeff Dameron

"Peter is an exceptional entrepreneur, who really cares about people and has helped many beginning entrepreneurs to get started and become successful! He is creative, smart, and has an imagination that has resulted in creating 100's of top-notch businesses. I am enrolled in his vision of continuing to expand entrepreneurship globally!"


Sarah Gallo

"Peter entered my life quite unexpectedly here, and I'm sure glad he did! I'd just decided to take my presence on this platform more seriously when a message from Peter landed in my inbox. Within 5 minutes, he and I were on a call and I knew right then and there that there was no turning back - that Peter was going to help shape me to be a profitable business owner under his guidance. He has a lifetime of entrepreneurial experiences and successes, and a willingness to help that I've never once seen in this industry."

The Burns Funding Method

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Learn about The Burns Funding Method and how they provide Venture Lending funding for entrepreneurs and business owners.

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