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We finance and support your Entrepreneurial Dream!
You have been recommended for funding capital. We fully understand the uncertainty and excitement associated with obtaining capital for your projects. Our program is unique. Some say it’s too good to be true! It’s not! It works and we have the proof! No direct repayment and does not necessitate relinquishing equity.
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What we do?

We’re dedicated to helping small businesses and entrepreneurs by giving them important finacial support and guidance, especially needed in the early stages of starting their own business.

Burns Funding Success Stories

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Ray Maniaci

FUNDED $250,000
Burns Funding and IdeaPros Team Up to Help An entrepreneur with a dream two decades in the making.


Lindsey Head,

FUNDED $350,000
A Lifelong Dream Saved by a $350.000 Innovative Funding Approach with Potential for Huge Returns


Jonathon Curtis,

FUNDED $230,000
Empowering an Ecommerce Entrepreneur.


Valerie Grace Vadas

FUNDED $150,000
Burns Funding Millennial Queenmaker 'Kickstarts' the Performing Career of Valerie Grace Vadas


Caroline Reynolds,

FUNDED $250,000
Millennial Queenmakers Empowers Pharmacist with $250,000 to Pursue Her Entrepreneurial Aspirations.


Blair Stewart,

FUNDED $160,000
Burns Funding Grants Over $160,000 to Ex-NHL Player, Launching His Entrepreneurial Journey


Megan Moen

FUNDED $100,000
Entrepreneur Peter J. Burns III Champions Female Millennial Entrepreneurs

The Numbers Speak For Themselves

$ 1.4+B

last 14 years FUNDED AMOUNT


Total number of credit repairs completed


$500 million in our new Fintech product in the last 2 years.


Over 48 years of entrepreneurial experience.


$1BN in Real Estate and Improvements Line of Credit.


0% interest for the first 12 to 21 months on Consumer Financing.



"I can honestly say I wouldn't be able to work with IdeaPros on The Best Website Ever if it wasn't for you and your team. Fred putting me in touch with you was a godsend! Onward and upward my friend, feel free to send anyone with questions my way. I'm all about building up my network...
I love meeting new people and have nothing but good things to say about you guys.''

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Sarah Gallo

“Peter entered my life quite unexpectedly here on LinkedIn, and I’m sure glad he did! I’d just decided to take my presence on this platform more seriously when a message from Peter landed in my inbox. Within 5 minutes, he and I were on a call and I knew right then and there that there was no turning back – that Peter was going to help shape me to be a profitable business owner under his guidance. He has a lifetime of entrepreneurial experiences and successes, and a willingness to help that I’ve never once seen in this industry. It’s pretty remarkable that within a week of speaking with him, he helped secure me a new client and brainstorm new business ideas. Peter, thank you so much for coming into my life and I’m so eager for all that’s to come!”

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Darrell Hornbacher

“If you’re searching for someone with proven knowledge and an intimate understanding of financial resources, options, and opportunities, you’ll be glad you found Peter Burns. He understands the fundamentals of credit, finance, and business development and offers profound insight into the workings of our monetary system. Not only will he show you how to bring better financial choices into your life, but he’ll do so in a way that brings life improvement. Peter has extensive knowledge of the business world tempered with the experience of a long and established career. The counsel, information and service he has provided has always been of the highest caliber, as is his character.


To initiate the pre-qualification process for our funding, kindly let us know your credit score and annual income. We will follow up if you meet our requirements. 

Do you prefer to talk to someone first? Schedule your CALL HERE!

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